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Happy Holidays Start With The JollyDays Team!


Derek - Founder and Partner in JollyDays. Derek now resides in the office alongside Karen, Amy, Lindsey, Faye & Nina. You will find him on only a few holidays now, but he will jump in and cover as and when needed!

Tracey & Duncan - A great addition to the team, both Tracey and Duncan have a background in health and social care. They love travelling and meeting new people!

Åse & David - A fun and caring couple; Ase combines her JollyDays duties with being a theatre nurse, whilst David enjoys carpentry and is often referred to as ‘a gentle giant’.

Midi - A passionate& thoughtful guy, Midi spends his weekends as a football coach and previously taught in a special needs school.

Jon - A solid member of the JollyDays team; Jon is a former special needs teacher who has boxed for England in his youth.

Dan - A master of magic; Dan will keep you entertained on your holiday and throughout your journeys to and from home.  Don’t be shy to ask to see a trick or two!

Lindsey - Is in the office and doing a great job at answering all your questions and getting the paper work to you without a hitch!

Andy - A key member of our team with a good sense of humour. Andy teaches in his local secondary school and is the fountain of all knowledge!

Isobel - A valuable member of our team; Expect to see Isobel regularly throughout the year! When not working with JollyDays, you will find her supporting adults at her local day centre.

Rachel - A regular team member, Rachel is sure to make your holiday one to remember! A former
hairdresser whose other hobbies include knitting and sewing.

Karen - Karen joins her sister Faye in becoming a full-time member of the office staff. Until recently. Karen was head of production within the music industry.

Nina - Another of our jolly girls who edits your photographs & produces the final write up of your holiday!

Faye - Faye has recently joined the JollyDays office full time having been teaching at a primary school. She has a big smile and has a very jolly nature!

Candy - Happy to join in with the fun, Candy will always be the first and last on the dance floor. She juggles her responsibilities as a nurse when not working for JollyDays.

Netty - A fantastic fun-loving team member. She makes exceedingly good cakes!

Amy - Daughter of Darren & Marguerite, she has become a valid member of the office team.

Gary - Gary is a former policeman and teaches in a special needs school. He loves his sport, especially football and rugby.

Oli - Lorraine’s son; Oli has more than 10 years’ experience of working with adults with learning disabilities. He loves music and being outdoors! 

Darren & Marguerite - Darren is an enthusiastic guy who loves to keep fit. Marguerite is our resident party girl! She currently balances her role as a nurse with her work for JollyDays.

Lorraine - Lorraine is a fun-loving lady and will add something special to your holiday. She works as a matron in a local school.

Barbara - A recent recruit, Barbara is a former primary school teacher with a bubbly personality and great big smile!

Jamie - A great asset to the JollyDays team, Jamie is a military veteran and former policeman. He loves to ski and is renowned for beating us down the slopes!

Jackie - New to the JollyDays team, Jackie is sure to fit in perfectly with her background in nursing and foster care. She is a big Disney fan & has been to Florida a whopping 38 times!

Rachel - New to the JollyDays office, Rachel will help answer any questions you may have. She is a keen horse enthusiast and can often be found riding around the Essex countryside on her horse Ozzie.


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