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Happy Holidays Start With The JollyDays Team!


Derek - Founder and Partner in JollyDays. Derek now resides in the office alongside Peter, Lindsey & Jess. You will find him on only a few holidays now, but he will jump in and cover as and when needed!

Colin N - Partner in JollyDays. Colin has retired from daily office duties but is still firmly behind the scenes ensuring that the office runs like clockwork!

Jess - Another of our established continental team. Jess loves skiing when home in Switzerland during the winter. Back on level ground she is our full time office assistant doing a fab job in all aspects, including photographs, Facebook & our BLOG.

Steve & Michaela - Enthusiastic husband and wife team who have lived and worked abroad and now firm favourites amongst your JollyDays team. They will be seen on fewer holidays as they spend more time as “Shared Lives” carers, supporting people in their beautiful home in Yorkshire!

Åse & David - Åse combines with her duties as a theatre nurse. Being born in Stockholm, Åse was the perfect guide for our ABBA holiday and has brought her gentle giant of a husband, David, to assist on some of our holidays throughout the year. David works with wood, so is a tactile person! Åse also competes in Ironman triathlons.

Midi - An enthusiastic member who will be in his second full year after having taught at a special needs school. He will also pick you up for your holiday!

Nick B - Ase & David’s son; a wonderful young man who takes the best from both his parents. Nick is a very caring and enthusiastic guy who spends some of his year in Norway. He loves his motor bike and travels across Europe on it!

Jon - A solid member of the JollyDays team. He is a former special needs teacher and has boxed for England in his youth. Jon will pick you up from your door and deliver you but will also be helping on some holidays throughout the year.

Peter - Our new office manager. He has been a good friend to Derek for many years and has taken over Colin’s role. Peter is a kind and gentle person and is fitting into his new role well. He enjoys a challenge.

John - Salt of the earth, a Yorkshire man who will remind you that he is from “God’s country”! A truly lovely guy, who will help you have fun on your holiday. John will also ensure that you don’t miss your holiday as he acts as a regular courier.

Lindsey - Is in the office and doing a great job at answering all your questions and getting the paper work to you without a hitch!

Donna - One of our latest recruits. Another fantastic and supportive member who also juggles working for us with her duties at her local day centre supporting adults with a LD!

Andy - A regular at JollyDays, both in helping to run holidays and as a courier. Andy is a school teacher and you will mostly see him during school breaks. Amongst his passions are cricket and drama.

Isobel - Isobel is a very valuable member of our team. You can count on her to being the first and last on the dance floor. Expect to see her regularly throughout the year. When not working with JollyDays, you will find her supporting adults with LD at her local day centres!

Rachel - Rachel has many hats; she works in a pharmacy, has volunteered with St John’s ambulance teams, worked with both children & adults with LD and is currently running a Brownie pack as “snowy owl”.

Faye - Faye has been with JollyDays from the very first holiday and helps out whenever she can get time off of her duties as a junior school teacher. She has a big smile and a very jolly nature!

Candy - Candy will not only pick you up but she also joins in the fun with you to help share your great holiday experiences. When not working for JollyDays, you will find her at her nursing duties!

Netty - A fantastic addition to the JollyDays Team; Not only is she loving being a JollyDays team member, but she also makes exceedingly good cakes.

Amy - Amy is a lovely, fun & outgoing young lady. She loves to keep fit and will run the country lanes at home.  She has  gained great experience looking after the elderly in a local care home. Amy loves dogs & just happens to be the daughter of Darren & Marguerite!

Roger & Paola - Having recently retired from teaching at a local special needs school; he joined the team firstly as a driver and since has become a valid member helping to run holidays. In a previous life Roger was a serving police officer and is now a keen cyclist. Paola has recently joined in with the fun and has enjoyed working alongside Roger. Paola is a special needs adviser to schools and is still practising as a qualified therapist and Behaviour Consultant.

Gary - You will see Gary occasionally throughout the year. He is a former policeman and teaches in a special needs school. Gary loves his sport, especially football and rugby. He helps out at QPR when he gets the time.

Colin T - Colin has become a regular with JollyDays and loves to help you have fun. He also loves his football and helps out at QPR. Colin’s other day job is to organise film crews on location!

Darren & Marguerite - Another of our husband & wife teams! Darren is an enthusiastic guy who just loves to keep fit & will entertain you all day. Marguerite has run a care home for many years and has now taken up a more full time role with JollyDays, as she just loves helping you all to have a fab holiday.

Lorraine - Lorraine is a fun loving lady and will add something special to your holiday. She works as a matron in a local school, so is used to being on call!

Nina - Another of our jolly girls who edits your photographs& produces the final write up of your holiday!


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